Saturday, January 22, 2005

I said I wanted lots of snow, or at least one big storm before moving to Florida. I guess I got my wish.

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It's snowing like crazy. The say it's the biggest snow storm in two years.

They are expecting 6-8 inches, which for DC is like two to three feet for other places. I went up on my roof and took some pics, but it was snowing too hard for me to get some real good ones. Once (if?) it stops, I'll go out and get some more shots. Posted by Hello

So this is what if feels like to be married

There is a new woman in my life, and she has completely taken control.

From the moment I met her, she has told me everything that is wrong with how I live, and how it must be changed.

First, she told me that I had far too much stuff in my condo, and at least 40% of it had to go.

So, because this woman told me to, I rented a storage place. Into the boxes and off to storage went my CDs (a few hundred), my DVDs, (even more so), most of my books, my extra electronics, some clothes, and various other stuff.

Then, my kitchen appliances were too old. I must get new ones, and get them right away. So from sears came a new dishwasher, fridge, and stove.

Then, the paint in my condo was all wrong. So per her orders I hired a painter to paint the whole place new colors (which of course, were chosen by her). Oh, and ordered new blinds.

On Thursday, she came over, when I wasn’t even there, and rearranged all of my furniture. And in the corner, she put even MORE stuff that I have to get rid off, including my coffee table.

Now she is telling me I need to hire a housekeeper to come on a regular basis, that I shouldn't use my brand new appliances that much, as to not ruin them (but she also told me that I should cook as much of my food as possible to get rid of it).

Next, I think we are going to change my sheets, my towels, my shower curtain, and who knows what else is in store?

Who is this new woman that has taken over my life? My new girlfriend? Nope. A wife? Nope.

She is my realtor.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

First Amendment 1, Having some Class 0

So I'm watching the inauguration on TV, and surfing the web. I saw somewhere that the DC traffic cams were all still on, and were showing various parts of the inaugural parade live. Anyway, the protesters apparently are stationed at 14th and Pennsylvania, b/c when I went to that camera, I saw this pic:

Now, I'm glad we live in a country where there is a first amendment, and that we don't live in a country where this person would be hauled off, beaten to death, and the rest of his family shot.


Come on. Show some class. Show some civility. Show some respect.

There is a reason I no longer am a Democrat.

Edit: Here's another one

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My love hate relationship with American Idol

First of all, I do love the show.

Second, this show shows one of the most important things that is wrong with American society.

In American society, when kids suck at something, you can't tell them they suck.

Yes, Janey, you are an excellent singer.

Yes, Johnny, you have a great voice.


But you can't tell kids that they suck. You have to encourage them, even if there is no hope whatsoever.

No one ever said to me, "Yes, David, if you want to, and you just worked hard enough, you could become the starting center of the New York Knicks."

Of course I couldn't, and it's ridiculous to think that I can.

I realize that parents and teachers don't want to hurt these kids feelings, or to discourage them, but if it's not there, it's not there.

The result of this anyone can do anything they put their mind to mindset is having dellusional people making fools of themselves on national television, insisting that they are excellent singers, when they are clearly not.

If their parents, or their teachers would have told them at an early age, "Janey, you aren't a great singer, but how about piano lesssons?" or even better, "Janey, you aren't a great singer, but you are great with numbers, how about studying math more," these kids would be a lot better off.

But, singers, and actors, and rap stars, and athletes are famous and everyone wants to be famous.

But sometimes, we have to face realities. It's ok to dream, but for some of these singers, I have a better chance of blocking a Shaq dunk than they do if hitting a right note, their parents and their teachers have paid them a great disservice.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Another Test

This is just another test post. I downloaded Ecto a blogging software for the mac, and I'm curious to see how it works.

I am still looking for a program like Hello from google for the mac. I tried out Flickr, but it's outrageously slow, and doesn't work as well either.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Should I break the news to my Realtor?

As you may or may not know, I am selling my condo in DC and am moving to Florida. My realtor is just awesome, and has been helping me get my stuff ready for sale.

Next week, starting Tuesday, a painter will come to paint my place. It will probably take him two days to do so, and I arranged to have him be able to park in the building. I wrote my realtor an email telling her this, and also letting her know that on Wednesday, the city will start shutting down because of the inauguration.

Here is the following email correspondence:

From: Me
To: Realtor


Also, Wednesday, it looks like they will start shutting down the city
rather early, so I'm not sure what the painter wants to do about that.

From: Realtor
To: Me

Thanks for arranging the parking. I will let him know. yes, it does sound like the republicans have seized the city. I rode by Hecht's at Chevy Chase tonight and was appalled to see huge pictures of George bush in the window. As much as I want to pretend that we are not in for 4 more years, I guess we are. I will let Pedro know that he might want to head out earlier on Weds.

I wonder if I should break the news to her. I voted for Bush, I support Bush, I'm a Republican. No real shocker there.

It's not like I am going to fire her, or break the listing agreement. I hired her to do a job, and she's doing an excellent one so far. I don't care about her politics. And I'm not offended by the email either. I'm not offended that she assumed that I was a liberal, and I wouldn't have been offended if she assumed if I were a Republican.

As long as she sells my condo, I'll be happy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Who's not getting the Sofa

Well, after freecycle being a bust, I got a ton of responses from Craig's List. I think I will be giving my sofa to a nice Yuppie couple. I feel a little guilty. He wasn't the first to reply, and probably doesn't need it the most.

The following person though, will NOT be getting the sofa.

i realllllly want that sofabed!! plspls? i lived in miami and its a reallly great city.. u ll love it there, just as long as u got a job already ! haha...

anyways i do live in the dc area and i can get a truck and acouple of guys helpin me out :-D

so can u like give me the exact address and let me know when s the best time to pick it up??

oh btw is the sofa bed black? not sure if its green or faded black from the picture.. and will it fit thru the door?!? hahaha
last time i had to like practically break the door down for the other sofabed that we dont want anymore.. but still have it because no replacement and now with that one, it d be reallllly nice.. a better one! and matches the room... ahh im blabbing here aint i?

let me know!!!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Ethics to Freecycle/ Craig's List Giveaways?

Well, not FIFO, but first come first served.

When you are offering something for free through freecyle or Craig's List, is there an ethical obligation to accept the offer of the first person who responds to your soliciation, or can you, based on other criteria, choose a person who didn't respond first.

I am giving away a couch

I've been meaning to do it for a while, but now that I'm moving I have to.

I tried offering it on freecycle firstbut I only had one person who was interested, and then they flaked out.

I offered it on Craig's List today, and I've had a few replies. I did offer it to the first person who responded, but they flaked out too.

I have two more respones. Am I ethcially obligated to offer it to the next in line, or can I skip them?

What if I said that the reason I may want to skip #2 and go to #3 is that #3 wrote an email in full sentences in English, and can pick it up in the evening, and the #2 is someone who obviously does not have English as a first language, and can only pick it up at 5 AM or late at night?